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I upgraded to Maverick 10.10 from Lucid. I have an old Toshiba Satellite with a 1.1 MHz and 256MB RAM. Initially I couldn't get my wireless to work. That solved itself after installing various updates and programs.

The problems that remain are:

  1. I have to authorize at least 2 times at start-up. This machine is Ubuntu only. No boot load screen.

  2. I have a ton of programs and system directories that are in my home folder. Is this normal?

  3. It is difficult to wake the computer from sleep. Usually I just shut it down and restart. Tonight I waited and got a message about corrupt memory.

  4. The computer takes forever to do just about everything. Slow to start programs or doing things on the web.

I am a longtime Mac user (since 1986). I also manage a network of several windows machines. I am definitely a GUI guy and do very little in the terminal so I really need to know where to begin to get things straightened out. Can I rescue this machine without wiping it and doing a fresh install? This is basically a hobby machine. Aside from all the programs and upgrades I've installed, I have almost no files or documents to worry about saving.

Anyone have any ideas about the problems I'm having and the best way to proceed?

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Due to the facts the specs stated I would recommend Lubuntu for a less intensive-resource-heavy operation.

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  1. If you mean directories like /usr /var /root and others, yes that's normal.
  2. This could be incompatibilities between your computer and the system (although I doubt it)
  3. 10.10 is not light on the system. The issue being that since you have such little RAM and such a slow processor, its going to be slow on your system. There are lighter builds of Ubuntu, but I personally don't know what they are.
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Lighter builds of Ubuntu include Lubuntu (with LXDE) and Xubuntu (with Xfce). You can also continue to use Ubuntu and load a less heavy desktop environment such as Window Maker or IceWM. I've never used LXDE, but from my experience, Xfce, Window Maker, and IceWM are all quite robust and usable. – Mei Feb 24 '12 at 20:40
Thanks to @David for being more specific with information – Thomas Ward Feb 24 '12 at 21:40

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