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When I try to install via USB all I see is a cursor at the top of the screen after a brief flash that show Linux being initialized. The system just hangs. This happened when I tried Lubuntu as well. Any ideas how to install on my brick?

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Have you tried to disable graphical boot to see what's going on? – Jordon Bedwell May 23 '11 at 5:23

I installed Ubuntu Desktop Edition on my Acer Aspire One and it works perfectly. I also got in troubles with the USB image but I did another one image and it works for me

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I've heard that instead of installing the netbook version you should install the full desktop edition of 10.10 (32-bit). I've done that on my newer HP Mini netbooks, and it works perfectly (also done this with slightly older Acer netbooks in the 1.5 - 2 year old age range).

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On some Aspire netbooks you need to enable you need to turn on network boot in the BIOS.
See more here.

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