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I am trying to copy a CD containing mpeg, .dat videos. now I want to transfer it to my notebook through pendrive as there is no CD-rom there.And normally copying the files isnt working,. so how do I do that? I am thinking of creating ab ISO of the VCD and mount that ISO in my notebook. But How do I do this?

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Why is normally copying the files not working? Sounds to me like an issue with the disc. – LiveWireBT Jun 4 '13 at 18:54

I had some trouble with VCD/SVCD's and asked here: How to resolve dd failure with Input/output error on multiple CD-Rs?

My final solution was to use vcdxrip, which comes from the vcdimager package, but I can't remember if it is installed by default. Here's the vcdxrip manpage:

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If you know the device corresponding to the CD drive, just type the following into a terminal (substituting the appropriate paths):

cat /dev/scd0 > /home/somePath/isoName.iso

If you do not know the device corresponding to your CD drive (in the example above it was /dev/scd0), find it by typing the following into a terminal (with the disk in the drive):


and look for the device mounted on /media/nameOfYourDisk

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