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I'm using juju against HP Cloud and the instance shows built and I can ping it fine but the juju status is showing it's still pending and it's not coming up in a browser. Any ideas on what could cause this and how I can diagnose what's going on?

     agent-state: started
     agent-version: 1.11.0
    instance-id: "1569389"
     series: precise
     instance-id: pending
     series: precise
     charm: cs:precise/juju-gui-61
     exposed: true
         agent-state: pending
         machine: "1"
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I made some more machines and they all show pending an the instance-state shows "missing" so obviously I set something up wrong :( – Joel Brandenburg Jun 4 '13 at 18:51

The current version of juju, 1.16.3 addresses a lot of the issues in 1.11.0 - if you haven't already tear down this install with juju destroy-environment, upgrade juju, then attempt to bootstrap again.

If that doesn't work, check your HP account if you have instances actually spun up. If not, consider destroying the environment again then juju bootstrap --show-log --debug to identify what's going on.

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