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This site http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/ doesn't work, tired in Chrome, Firefox, IE. Keeping connecting but did not work

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What is your question? –  Andrejs Cainikovs Jun 4 '13 at 15:12
The site works fine for me. If you're behind a firewall, make sure it allows access to external sites on that port. Though the point stands - this isn't a question, consider rewriting it. –  jackweirdy Jun 4 '13 at 15:14
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1 Answer

This is an answer and some guide, at the same time, on how you could have asked...

1 - Provide some context. Explain that juju is used to manage services on clouds, and that more information can be reached in https://juju.ubuntu.com/, for example.

2 - Explain that http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/ is a site that you can test / try / etc the juju.

3 - You told us that you tried using many browsers. Ok, but you could also have said that you were using Ubuntu, Windows, MacOS, etc.

4 - You should have told what you have done: have you tried at home? at work? Does it have a firewall in your connection? in your company?

And some answers / possibilities:

  • If you are behind a firewall that doesn't allow access to some sites / ports, or doesn't allow encryption and SSL

  • perhaps your browser doesn't trust the certificates used

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