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Today I have downloaded I have clicked the icon to install only to be greeted with the error message:

Could not display "/home/daniel/Downloads/".
There is no application installed for executable files.
Do you want to search for an application to open this file?

Upon clicking yes the results of the search only show one application. This application is called "Pypar2". (a graphical interface for the Par2 utility)

I hesitantly click install only to be told further python support is required and i click install for that also. Window pops up ......Installing packages....done

Pypar2 also installs and I open.

This doesn't seem right this seems to be a program to verify the contents? I don't know what i am doing wrong this is on my second day using ubuntu

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possible duplicate of How do I install .run files? – Flyk Nov 15 '13 at 19:48
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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu Daniel! Here's what you need to do:

  1. Open a terminal. To do so, hit Ctrl+Alt+T.
  2. Type cd /home/daniel/Downloads/. This command will go to that folder (i.e. change our working directory to that folder).
  3. Type sudo chmod +x Enter your password when asked. This command makes the file executable, so that you can "install" it.
  4. Type sudo ./ This command will run the file.

Wait a bit, and you should see the Metasploit screen come up and continue with the installation.

EDIT: thanks to Leopoldo Pla's answer:

Once the installation is done, you can update metasploit using the command sudo msfupdate...this can take some time though. Once it's done, you can fire up the metsploit framework console using the command sudo msfconsole.

Enjoy the exploiting!

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perfect ... bang on the money thankyou :) – daniel hearn Jun 5 '13 at 10:39
You're welcome! I've edited the answer to include the last two commands from Leopoldo's answer. – Alaa Ali Jun 6 '13 at 6:07

To execute that .run program, you have to open a Terminal and write:

cd Downloads

chmod +x


sudo ./

And after installed, update before executing:

sudo msfupdate

And execute:

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