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I installed Code::Blocks 12.11 on Ubuntu 13.04 (they did a great job on new Code::Blocks release). Having a lot of problems with stability on the new Ubuntu release (especially the Kubuntu desktop). So I'm going to reformat my partition and do a clean install of 13.04 without Kubuntu, or maybe go back to 12.10, which was very stable, or 12.04 LTS. As many have indicated, Kubuntu causes problems when you try to run Unity afterwards and doing a clean uninstall of Kubuntu is far from simple.

Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time setting up Code::Blocks the way I like it.

Would like to know what directories and files hold the Code::Blocks environment and editor settings etc, on 13.04 so I can copy them back after I do a clean install and then install Code::Blocks again.

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