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Problem Statement:

Well I have installed Xampp 1.8.1 in my Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit system. But I couldn't paste my web files to the /opt/lampp directory where lampp is installed. As I try to paste my web files to that directory the paste option is greyed out. And while I try pasting with Ctrl + V command the 'Permission denied' error occurs. Help me out as I am a noobhead in this Linux world!

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While one answer is: "gksudo nautilus", this is not a duplicate of "how can I save a file from gedit" or "how can I avoid write permissions when editing files". I came here because I cannot copy and paste in Nautilus. It does not even have the common decency to offer a one time sudo with password so I have to go to a command line and then come back. I can see linking from the other two questions to here if the answer is, edit in a writeable directory and then use gksudo nautilus to move the files to the real destination. But their correct answers are "gksudo gedit" and "use symbolic links". –  Dirk Bester Jan 29 at 23:50

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Open a terminal and enter

gksudo nautilus

This will run the file manager in super user mode.

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