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For example I have 3G modem. When I plug it in USB port it becomes /dev/ttyACM0.

  • How can I see if device is really connected at all, what proper commands to see listings of connected devices (not only on USB port)?
  • How to determine which device mounted where, so if I see my modem in listing, how can I find where its mounted in filesystem?
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I use mount whitout argument to see all mounted device.

For example, list of mounted disk, I use : mount | grep /dev/sd

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A couple commands that will be useful for this.

lsusb: lists connected usb devices

lspci: list information about PCI buses and connected devices

df: used to show free disk space, but it is also useful to see the mount points of different devices.

Also check out the man pages for each of these commands.

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