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This is what it says:

An ocurred, please run Package Manager from right-click menu or apt-get in a terminal to see what is wrong. The error message was:

Error:Opening the cache(E:Encountered a section with no Package:header,
E:Problem with  MergeList/var/lib/apt/lists/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_security_multiverse_i18n_Translation-en
E:The package lists or status file could not be  parsed or opened.)'.
This usually means that your installed packages have unmet dependencies

I tried the following:

sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf
sudo apt-get update

But still I have not fixed it. Any idea how to fix it?

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user164131, from the post Jorge linked, another person said they had to try those two commands several times, but that it did eventually work. Have you tried that? – kkhugs Jun 3 '13 at 15:35

Try running these commands in a shell and see what the response is:

apt-get check

apt-get -f install

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This is what I get now: – user164131 Jun 3 '13 at 15:14
There is nothing in your comment. You get nothing? – kkhugs Jun 3 '13 at 15:15
Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: libaccounts-qt5-1 libdee-qt5-3 libllvm3.1:i386 libqt5graphicaleffects5 libqt5network5 libqt5qml5 libqt5quick5 libqt5svg5 libqt5v8-5 libqt5xml5 libsignon-qt5-1 libudev0:i386 libwebp2:i386 qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin qtdeclarative5-friends-plugin qtdeclarative5-qtquick2-plugin qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin ubuntu-ui-toolkit-theme – user164131 Jun 3 '13 at 15:16
Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 31 not upgraded. – user164131 Jun 3 '13 at 15:17
So then I did: apt-get autoremove, but still is not fixed – user164131 Jun 3 '13 at 15:17

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