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I have an 80GB hard disk and three partition in it. I was using Windows 7 and Windows 8 on it through dual boot. Windows 8 was on the C drive. Windows 7 on the D drive and E drive was empty.

I had download ISO file of 13.04 Ubuntu and made a bootable USB. Then I did according to the video link here.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWYjZ2j7HrE

I did not use Wubi for sure. Since E drive was empty I thought of installing Ubuntu on E drive and I did according to that video.

When I boot, I can see the grub list menu, where it shows Ubuntu and Windows 8 loader in the list. When I select Windows 8, it shows automatic repairing and diagnosing your PC and then it leads me to other troubleshooting options like System Restore, System Image, and so on. None of them works. There is one Reset your PC option. When I choose it, it shows 'The drive where Windows is installed is locked.."

When I access Windows 7, it only shows C drive which belongs to Windows 7 and D drive which contains Ubuntu. The drive containing Windows 8 is missing from my computer

When I see the disk management in Windows 7, the drive which contains Windows 8 is being shown as 100% free but I am sure it still contains all my files. How can I retrieve it. I used to use only Windows 8. All my works are on it. Please guys help me.



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