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Ubuntu 13.04. If I try to connect Facebook from online accounts (I mean the option in Ubuntu general settings), I see a small browser window with title signon-ui appearing, but remaining empty. Then, a browser tab appears, with address" and content Success followed by a string, something like: (I'm translating here, actual message is localized in my language).

Security advice. Take this URL as if it would be a password and do not share it with anyone.

Annoying problem is that such tab is keep appearing randomly. How can I fix it? If not possible, is there's a setting to disable online accounts?

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I had the same problem and found this solution. Check this :

Edit /usr/share/accounts/providers/facebook.provider

sudo gedit /usr/share/accounts/providers/facebook.provider

Put this under line 14,

<setting name="AllowedSchemes" type="as">['https','http']</setting>

Note: however that this exposes your desktop to some security risks, so please use it only if you are connected to a trusted network. -- Alberto Mardegan (mardy)


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This sound more like a bug. See this reported bug in this sense.

To disable or remove facebook online account go to System Settings > Personal > Online Accounts, select Facebook account and put it OFF or press Remove Account:

enter image description here

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