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When using kubuntu I noticed that the standard task manager/system monitor was a bit more capable than gnome-system-monitor, is there a more advanced system/task monitor for ubuntu that is based on gnome opposed to KDE?

Specifically the features from the Kubuntu task manager that I am looking for are the ability to control the I/O priority of individual processes (not just their nice), and the ability to control the I/O scheduling algorithm ( round-robin, FIFO, etc).

What are my options?

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You can use KDE apps in Gnome, see this to make them look native.

KDE System Guard (click to install)

enter image description here

KSysGuard is designed to make simple process control available to a user without needing to do any special setup - the defaults are usually perfectly adequate. There are two worksheets - the System Load page, pictured above, and the Process Table.

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