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I have successfully installed Ubuntu 13.04 dual-booting with Windows 8. It was working for a while, and today I accidentally broke the Windows boot system. Now the system is not booting Windows, but Ubuntu is working normally from Grub2.

I still have access to the Windows filesystem and EasyBCD backup files. The entry Windows 8 UEFI repair was the one that I used to boot Windows 8. Now it tells me, in the "/BCD" there is not valid data or something like that. As I read online, it seems I need to repair the Windows bootloader. Unfortunately, I just got this computer and I didn't create a Windows 8 repair disk. I tried with testdisk, but after "Analyze", this is the result. So, something is off.

1 P EFI GPT                  0   0  2 121601  80 63 1953525167
Bad relative sector
No partition is bootable.

Is there any way to get my Windows 8 to boot without wiping my data? Or is there a way to create a Windows 8 repair disk from Ubuntu?

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Hi, can you post a Boot-Info report, and the output of 'sudo efibootmgr'? –  Mike C. Jun 3 '13 at 13:11
I second Mike C.'s suggestion; but note that TestDisk is probably the wrong tool to use, and could actually make matters worse if you were to attempt a repair with it, so I want to warn you off of pursuing that course any further. –  Rod Smith Jun 3 '13 at 16:53
Thanks, for your suggestions, I somewhat solved this issue. I went to bios boot menu, there were couples entries, a windows boot manager, and I loaded BIOS default setting. After that, the computer always automatically boot into repair mode. Then one of the two MBRs in boot menu works. So I boot into windows and make a repair disk. –  user1505108 Jun 4 '13 at 14:07
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