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So I wanted to make my desktop a server for file transfer across globally (access it wherever I am). I've read a site with instructions using openssh-server

I have a router that is provided from ISP, which was set-up with ddns to access CCTV by technician, the ddns account belongs to the CCTV company, so I don't have the password (Let's call this router A) and a Aztech router (call this router B). B is connected to A through LAN, and A to the Internet, B is the router that give out wireless. IPs in A is 192.168.0.* and B is 192.168.1.*. IP of B to A is

My desktop is connected to B through wireless and the CCTV DVR is connected to A through LAN. I can watch my CCTV by entering the ddns domain name through port (cc) and in router A's settings page, I can see CCTV is port forwarded to port (cc).

So my question is how can I connect to my desktop through ddns domain name through port (dd)? Where should I port forward my desktop to port (dd)? A or B?

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