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I installed Ubuntu on an S405 ideapad after disabling UEFI boot and enabling legacy support.

The most important problem is that while i get about 3-4 hours battery backup on windows, Ubuntu tells me immediately after unplugging from the power supply that there is something wrong with the battery and puts the laptop in hibernate mode. It does not allow me to disable this.

In addition, the S405 has a weird fn key that has to be pressed along with the function keys to make the function keys work, otherwise just pressing the function keys will run some functions like muting/increasin or decreasing volume/brightness etc. There is supposed to be an option in the bios to change this, according to the documentation, but its not there in my laptop. Is there anyway in Ubuntu that i can change these mapping?

share|improve this question install TLP via PPA the method is listed here, it should help you with your battery. However if it still persists, take the unit back for warranty.

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