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Hard drive died on 2006 Macbook Pro with nVidia graphics card. Replaced HD with 320 GB Western Digital. Created, booted and installed Ubuntu 13.04 from USB. No problems with the install.

1st PROBLEM: FREEZE AT "... vs EFI vga removing generic driver"

Upon restart after install, the startup froze around 2s at "...vs EFI vga - removing generic driver". I turned mac off and on. Same issue. I got to grub screen and pressed 'e' to edit the startup sequence and removed the a line "gfxLinux [something something - I forget the rest]" as per a suggestion from another website. Hit F10 but no success.


I then tried to boot into recovery mode. This worked. At the screen with the options, I chose "grub update" (or similar). There were a few lines of code at the bottom and then nothing happened. I waited a while and still nothing. I pressed 'enter' and the screen moved up like I was in terminal but there was no prompt. It seemed like the computer was frozen so I turned it off. (It is possible I turned off while grub was trying to update. Dang.)

Now when I turn back on I hear the mac turn on chime and I only get a black screen. There is no data at all on the screen. No flashing cursor. Nothing. It's like the screen is not even on at all.


  • Tried to boot and reinstall from the original USB. The light on the USB flashes but that's it.
  • Held shift key down with USB in. Nothing
  • Held option/alt key down with USB in. Nothing

(Interestingly, the CAPS lock will work and then not work and then work again.)

So the screen is always black upon turning mac off and on. I get absolutely nothing. I can see nothing.

How can I format this new HD to reinstall if it wont load drivers to be able to display? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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