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I believe what I did was I installed Ubuntu to the same partition as windows 7, I thought that was what I was suppose to do but now I cant boot into windows. When I try it tells me "boot manager missing" and then the screen turns into a collage of colors. I even tried to re-install windows 7 but after the "windows is loading files" progress bar, it turns into a collage of colors again and nothing happens. The only thing I can do is restart my pc and boot up ubuntu. I'm thinking the only way to fix this is by formatting my HDD and re-installing windows 7 but I would prefer to not lose all my files. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance

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You definitely havent installed it into same partition as it would have deleted Windows. Linux uses much better partitionsystemwhch windows cant use. important when manualy adjusting the partitions rather then using automatic opton offered is to keep windows as first partiotion as windows's boot manager cant find its files if they are elswhere you do not need to format disk. but that would be the quickest way

you can skip the boring solution and jump to recommended way

he most effective way would be toswat partitions very complex but possible the longer but easier way is to copy content of windows's home directories into ubuntu, using some live distro for example rescuecd or gparted CD, you can do it using gparted deleting windows partition and moving all the partitions to the right (this will take computer hole day to go through, so go for a walk in a park.

once done reinstall windows (only up-to the stage where it wants to restart.

now use liveCD from which you installed your ubuntu and install grub again.

boot into grub and copy your old home directory back. reboot and chose grubs entry for windows and finish windows installation...

Eesy and recended

install virtualbox copy full content of the windows partition into it

if it doesn't start working strait away make new installation choosing not to format drive in the process.

don't forget that instead of usual drivers you will need guest additions

now you can remove windows partition and using some live distro increase linuxes partitions size...

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