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Today I have experienced some strange behaviour on my notebook. It unexpectedly shuts down, after showing a dialog window saying Your computer will shut down in 60 seconds. And then, when I turn it back on, it just shuts down before booting and it turns back on by itself after a few seconds.

It does not overheat, the CPU temp is normally between 50-60C (I constantly monitor it using Conky). Also, someone told me to upgrade the BIOS, so I did it, but the problem still persists.

I had a look on /var/log/syslog, but I'm not sure I know exactly what to look for.

The messages logged before shutting down don't seem to describe anything suspicious.

I use Ubuntu 12.10, but it seems the problem is more hardware related and I would like to investigate what causes it to shut down so randomly.

Any clues would be highly appreciated.

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