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I am running 13.04 Gnome version with 3.8. All was running fine until today when I tried to install the Intel Graphics driver installer. I also made a tweak because of issues with Citrix icaclient. I definitely broke something here.

When I start the machine I do get a login; however, it is showing the default Gnome login wallpaper and everything is very large. If I put my login credentials I get to a desktop with the default Gnome wallpaper but nothing else. The cursor shows as a large X.

I can SSH into the machine and removed the Citrix client, and also the Intel drivers that I installed. I rebooted, but no go. No desktop.

I have also run: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

What's best next step here?

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It seemed that the various events that led up to this Gnome-shell login issue (there was an error regarding a partial-upgrade somewhere in there) had some uninstalled Gnome-shell. I reinstalled and it seems that I'm mostly back to normal. Am having an issue with my external display not switching properly at startup, but I appear most of the way there.

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