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In my Linux distro called Mageia 2, I've installed TexMaths-0.38.oxt from Tools > Extension Manager in Writer (LibreOffice suite) but when I go to use it, it asks that I indicate a certain "path" for LaTeX. I don't have any latex packages installed in Mageia however latex path is mandatory while dvipng and dvisvgm are optional.

Can you help me fix this problem? Do I have to install an additional extension called LaTeX and type its path in the box?

I installed TexMaths extension in Windows7 - LibreOffice as well as MikTeX and didn't experience any problem with it. In Mageia2 (a KDE distro), TexMaths extension is not working.

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If you take the time and have a look at the project page, you will find a 6 (simple) step guide on how to install on linux. – hmayag Jun 1 '13 at 23:18

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In order to use TexMaths, you must have LaTeX packages installed.

Open up Drakerpm and install the package texlive.

Or you can open a console and su to root and type urpmi texlive

then you must configure TexMaths to use the proper latex binary. If you don't know the path, type which latex in the console and it will tell you.

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