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I'm pretty new to Ubuntu. I need a couple of answers.

I'm trying to get this software package to work with Ubuntu 12 and my Razer Naga mouse.

I installed the razerd software following the instructions in the README file. Razerd should be working fine, I didn't get any error message during the install process. Still, most of the times, on pc boot the mouse is unresponsive or very slow. By using qrazercfg I manage to get the mouse working a little better (moves faster) but still all the options about Scan Resolution and Frequency are not working properly (when I change them, the mouse behaviour changes in random ways, not moving or moving very fast).

In case the software is not completely compatible with the mouse or Ubuntu can I also give up and go back to the normal mouse driver that Ubuntu uses? Still I don't know how to uninstall and remove razerd completely as there's no "make uninstall" in the software package.

As I'm using NVIDIA drivers, I've a xorg.conf file which I modified following the instructions I found in the README.

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