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Just got new Dell Inspiron 5720. As I know there are two video cards - Intel and Nvidia.

And as I see in system information, I use Intel Ivy Bridge. But how about Nvidia?

I know about Bumblebee and also know about new Nvidia 319 driver which must support Optimus.

Can anybody suggest which driver to use?

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The nvidia-current package from the Ubuntu Software Center is the safest and most stable graphics driver to install, and it is also supported by Ubuntu software updates. The current version of nvidia-current for Ubuntu 13.04 is 304.88, and it works with Optimus.

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I would recommend using Bumblebee for your Optimus. New Nvidia drivers (319) has a initial support of Optimus, but not GPU switching yet.

This guide will help you a lot:

There's also info's on Ubuntu's site:

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