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I want to connect a few PCs in my company so that they can share files, chat, and transmit data. I have no Internet connection. I want to accomplish this without Internet but whenever needed I can connect them to the Internet, but for now there is no Internet service.

Please provide step-by-step instructions for proceeding as I am quite new to this sort of thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You would need to establish a LAN if there is none so far. The hardware apart from PCs/laptops needed for this is switch and network cables mentioned in a previous answer That is only the infrastructure needed for any file sharing chat and other services. I assume you have Ubuntu as desktop laptop systems. Such systems needs to be connected over the LAN.

Samba is for sharing files to windows if you use. - Native Linux utilities like telnet, ftp or more secure ones sftp, ssh will provide for data transfer between systems. - Intranet webserver will help you if you need share common data to be accessible to others. - Jabber can be used to setup chat. - If you opt for internet service and need to share, squid as a proxy can help you. Giving step by step instructions to be these is not possible here. So how you can go about it.

About LAN setup and TCP/IP setup - read any network basics book / article on internet. TCP/IP on Ubuntu, you can get it from Ubuntu server manual describes, how to install and setup a server for hosting many of these services.

If you like specific help on anything post another question on those areas after mentioning your OS version as well.

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For sharing files you could use following guide:

For chat use a Jabber server:

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Both of these URLs are 404-ing. – Nathan Osman Nov 29 '11 at 5:02

You'll need a switch and several network cables.

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