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Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm a Star Trek fan, and there's this screensaver that's for Windows that mimics a Star Trek systems panel, and I'd love to have that on Ubuntu (so would some of my friends).

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Many Windows screensavers can be run in Wine.

Assuming your screensaver is stored in your Downloads folder, just run wine ~\Downloads\startrekscreensaver.scr /s in your Terminal.

Windows screensavers have not been integrated into Linux so you won't be able to easily set them as your screensaver.

You could also try installing xscreensaver-gl-extra for more screensaver choices. Many of these screensavers come with configuration options that can be modified with the default gnome-screensaver; you will need you to install xscreensaver to change those options.

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Possibly via Wine; Windows screensavers aren't nicely compartmentalized like NDIS drivers, they're ordinary Windows programs with a different extension so Windows will know to install them as screensavers.

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