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I am slightly new to Ubuntu and I just installed kate by typing sudo apt-get install kate. Now I want to install this kate sql plugin and google is not helping me. I downloaded a punch of files from here

  • what should I do with these files ?
  • Where should I put them ?
  • Would you please tell me how can I install this ?


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From the comments on the first link you gave, it looks like you'll need to build it yourself, unless you're running KDE4.6:

avatar for Mentasti Marco Mentasti since this plugin was released after KDE 4.5 feature freeze, it will be included in KDE 4.6

avatar for VolkerVolker Lanz This is really awsome stuff. Thanks for creating this! Looking forward to getting my hands on it.

avatar for CullmannChristoph Cullmann You can get it today:

The link,, goes to a page with detailed build instructions. This should include code that contains the SQL plugin.

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Resent Kate/KDE/Kubuntu

And after the KDE 4.6 - at here the KDE 4.7.4: ( Press F1, The Kate Handbook or online: )

Open Kate's configuration dialog with Settings → Configure Kate... Select Application → Plugins to choose the wanted plugins.

enter image description here


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