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everyone. I have a problem with transmission as well as with other torrent-clients(qBitTorrent, Avuze etc).

I have small WiFi LAN at home: Netgear, Desktop, Laptop, media-player etc. IP-Addresses are static.

I use windows on my Desktop and want to migrate to Ubuntu.

It's necessary for me to have availability to download torrents directly to media-player.

On windows i just go to network-> mediaplayer(wdtvlive) -> hdd and torrents download there.

on Ubuntu I have access to media player by network. I can download\upload files with no problem.

Problem exist when i try to download torrents directly to it. Transmission doesn't give access to network, so have to mount it.

I've created folder on /mnt/wdtvlive. then give permissions to me and others to access and create files.

Then I mount it by command

*mount // /mnt/wdtvlive -o username=guest,password=1,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777,iocharset=utf8* but it return error said that can't mount read-only device. command

echo 0x30030 > /proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags helps. after it i can mount media player to this folder. Media player don't really need psw and login - anyone in WORKGROUP can access it.

Finally i try to download any torrent to /mnt/wdtdlive/

transmission starts to download and then return an error: permission denied.

Have no idea how to solve it. Please help.

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