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I tried to install Ubuntu according to instruction given by

however I suck on recovery-mode in the middle of the installation. It seems not [to be] running further so I manually enter "reboot system now" on the phone screen, then I got a error massage in the computer saying that installation is not completed or similar meaning.

Current situation of my phone is, can not boot beyond "Google" [boot] screen; however I still can go into recovery-mode.

please help me


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Using the manual install method:

You first need the two zip files downloaded, from the link given:


  • (Google Nexus)

  • (all devices)

Then use the simplified instructions I gave as my answer to:

Failed to install Ubuntu touch on the Nexus 10, what can I do now?

Step 2 needs:

Step 4 needs:


If you are having issues, and have already attempted loading (or have previous daily image), then try reverting to a "fresh install".

Use the automated method:

phablet-flash -d maguro -b


If you can't successfully install Ubuntu Touch, first return the device to a known state.

eg. Restore factory Android image (per first link above).

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