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Tired of several problems with KDE4 and (especially) Plasma, I'm investigating in some alternatives which seem to suit me -- one of them being LXDE. Switch seems a breeze, got most things working to my satisfaction within minutes -- but got stuck with my Superkaramba theme I use for years (with small adaptions):

The first line (defining a Karamba theme) reads

KARAMBA x=-1 y=-1 w=1280 h=35 locked=true interval=1000 topbar=true ontop=true

This worked fine back with KDE 3.5, caused not much problems with Plasma -- but seems to have issues on LXDE: the x/y is completely ignored. Which would be no problem if I could simply unlock, move, and re-lock. Unfortunately the "Lock position" option is grayed out. Sure, next idea is to edit that line setting locked=false (yepp, works), move the "widget" to where it shall go (works), hope the line is updated accordingly (doesn't work) and set locked=true (widget snaps back to the wrong position).

Is this a known issue? Any work-arounds known? Or alternatives supporting Superkaramba themes and work with them (I tried Screenlet, but it completely failed all Karamba themes I tried as soon as it comes to interaction or anything beyond "still images")?

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Next to Screenlets I've also tried gDesklets, but couldn't get things working (see also: Migrating Superkaramba themes to gdesklets/screenlets?). Am I really the only one with this issue? No known solution (or at least work-arounds)? –  Izzy Sep 22 '13 at 22:36
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