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I found and read very nice manuals and tutorials explaining what AppArmor is, what it does and how it works but one point is missing: which programs should be AppArmor'ed?

Apparently I can't create profiles for every package/application (which wouldn't be sensible anyway) so what should I protect in the first place (beside included profiles)? My guess would be web applications since they are the main source of system threats but that's only a guess... It is a very powerful tool providing a lot of possibilities for creating user-defined profiles but I feel like some advice or a starting point for Linux beginners is still missing in this respect.


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I think your question is too broad. Personally I confine all applications that access the internet. –  bodhi.zazen May 31 '13 at 21:11
The question is a little bit broad since I don't expect to get a list of applications because (i) it could be too long (ii) the list would be barely applicable to my system. The second sentence of your comment is a kind of answers I expect to get. Thanks. –  Sceptical Jule May 31 '13 at 21:17
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