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I've just updated my laptop to Edubuntu 12.04 and now I can't connect to the internet at all. Activating the internet is "greyed out" for want of a better term, and when I hover the mouse over it is says "The internet manager is not being implemented" (my computer is in Spanish and this is the best translation I can come up with, sorry.

Please can someone help me? I really have no idea what to do. I've messed around typing in various suggestions into the terminal, with no luck. I am an absolute novice at computers and anything technical, and adored ubuntu up to this point, when I realised I have no idea what to do with it.

Can someone please give me very step-by-step instructions, as if I am an little old woman who knows nothing about computers. Thank you :)

Btw my laptop is a Compaq CQ43

Thank you so much Scott. This is what it says:

** (nm-applet:8736): WARNING **: Could not initialize NMClient /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager: the name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any service files
** message: applets now removed from the notification area

** (nm-applet:8736): WARNING **: Failed to register as an agent: (2) The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files
** Message: using fallback from indicator to GtkStatusIcon
** Message: applet now embedded in the notification area
** Message: Starting applet secret agent because GNOME Shell disappeared 

thanks to the guy who changed my question :). Does anyone have any ideas? :)

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If you go to a terminal prompt and type sudo pkill -9 nm-applet;sudo nm-applet does it let you (after you enter your password..)? –  Scott Goodgame May 31 '13 at 15:27
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