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I'm planning to build a computer for myself, on which I'll install Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit. This computer will be used for light gaming and office work. In order to save some money, I'm planning to use integrated graphics, but I don't know whether to choose the Intel HD Graphics 4000 (by using an Intel i5-3570K processor) or AMD Radeon 7660D graphics (by using an AMD A10-5800K processor).

According to your technical knowledge / experience, which of these two choices is the best, in terms of stability and performance? I want my system to be stable, but, at the same time, I would like to have some fancy Compiz or KWin desktop effects, and play some games.

I am more tempted to choose the AMD APU, because it's cheaper than Intel, and I have read from the Phoronix website, that this APU seems to work well, especially if using the proprietary Catalyst driver. But I still wanted to know your opinion. So, Intel or AMD integrated graphics?

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You'll probably get a thousand opinions on this...

My impression is (after setting up three boxes for family) that Intel GPU works wonders in Linux. I'm planning to get such a box for myself once Haswell is out. My AMD/ATI HD5850 (dedicated card) doesn't work at all well for Linux (either tearing with the binary driver, or performance issues without). Great for Windows gaming, though. If you have a dual boot setup, AMD might probably do better; for pure Linux and no gaming requirements, I'd pick Intel over AMD any day.


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I have a hybrid AMD and Intel 3000HD in my laptop. From my experience Intel is a much easier choice. The Catalyst software for Linux is buggy and causes problems, not to mention relying too much on alternative drivers that could black screen you.

Intel HD is by no means perfect, but by default this hardware will work as it should without needing an add in GUI or anything.

As far as gaming goes if these are more than Minecraft and Civilization, you will want to go with the AMD.

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