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I'm fairly new at using linux. I've recently created a live usb with Ubuntu 12.04. It worked great on my hp computer where I created it. It was like using a brand new computer. The wireless worked great, the persistence worked perfectly, and everything I downloaded worked and was saved on the usb. When I booted again everything would be just as I left it. I then used it on my Macbook Pro and it worked fine but had one problem which is the persistent feature did not work. It also did not show the changes I had made to it while using it with my hp, but what's strange is when I boot it with my hp all of those saved settings are still there. I've tried everything I can think of, which mainly consists of me googling and searching youtube for answers. Can anyone on here suggest some route of action? I'm not a computer scientist and I have a little bit of programming experience so any help or information would be appreciated. Lastly, my Macbook Pro is a 2012 if that's important.

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