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I am coding Scala and would like an up-to-date 2.8.1 of it to be installed in my Ubuntu 10.10 system, but there is only obsolete 2.7 package available in Ubuntu repositories, so I have to go Slackware-way and use manual installation from tarballs. At the same time there is already scala_2.8.1.dfsg-1_all.deb available for Debian. Can't I just install it in Ubuntu?

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You could use the jar installer as follows:

First download the IzPack Installer from the Scala Website,

Run it with

sudo java -jar installer.jar

and use the default folder /usr/local/scala for the installation

(where for me it was sudo java -jar

Then edit /etc/environment so PATH is as follows PATH="... :/usr/local/scala/bin" and add SCALA_HOME=/usr/local/scala

Now logout and login again.

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I know I can do this, but I want the package :-] – Ivan Mar 13 '11 at 23:07

Provided the dependencies are satisfiable, this should generally work.

Since this package probably has only been tested on Debian and not on Ubuntu there is a higher risk that e.g. it doesn't declare all the necessary dependencies or is incompatible with some change in Ubuntu.

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