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Using Gnome on Ubuntu 12.04 on a techically old, but very actively used, computer I had an update recently. Since then am I experiencing problems with the windows.

I applied

sudo apt-get -f install
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get update

and later on

sudo apt-get autoremove

That did not help.

I applied unity --reset but that did not help either.

I installed the compiz configuration manager, but to no avail.

Looking at the logs in /var/log/apt did not show any errors.

I applied Compiz --replace &

The list of problems is at least:

  1. I can not minimize nor maximize windows.
  2. Compiz is crashing.
  3. Not using the right click context menus in FF
  4. Not being able to use the menu items in FF.
  5. Not being able to close down windows with Alt F4.
  6. Gedit will not start in a maximized window, nor will it get bigger. It displays two scrollbars instead. Makes it impossible to use.
  7. The fullscreen of Gedit is not bigger then the small window with which it opens. As if the knowledge of Gedit how big the window is, is that small. (Something like 250px by 250px.)
  8. Terminal is working very slow - if working at all. Seems like a lottery. Difficult to set the focus in a window.

I have accepted all updates and did not have any problems before, or it might be that the computer is quite often all the time swapping.

Switching to Unity did not improve the situation and I prefer using Gnome. I have a Nvidia video card, G72. Driver version 173.41 is used (that displayed after dpkg -l| grep nvidia).

I have read that downgrading the Nvidia driver might help for some problems here: How do I downgrade nvidia drivers in 12.04? , but I do not think that is a constructive solution and that is also very complex for me execute. I know a little bit of Linux, but I do not understand Linux very deeply. It will be very difficult to understand what the exact situation is. That is why I use Ubuntu in the first place.

There is question distribution update made my close/minimize/maximize window buttons diappear. Checking the configuration in gconf-editor showed that the buttons minimize etc. should be there. Also that the key bindings ALT+F4 and ALT+F2 (currently not working) are defined.

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