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I've been having trouble with gaming for awhile now and a lots of commands that look like it might fix the problems might help are for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. So how do you downgrade?

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After looking at the other posts asking this question, you best bet would be to partition, make sure to move /home (and all keep files) off into that new partition. Leave this, and reinstall over 13.04 with the LTS.

The problems in using aptitude might be more of a headache than what you are experiencing now in 13.04.

*Point of information: Have you run 12.04 on this device before? I ask to make sure that the issues you have will actually be resolved by a downgrade.

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No I haven't used 12.04 on my laptop before. – Fauksy May 30 '13 at 5:33

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