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I would like intall FireBird on ubuntu 12.04 32bit. I've downloaded it from here.

There is a .rpm file in ~/Downloads/FirebirdSS-

I've seen this link for how to install it, But i don't understand !

What i must to do with that .rpm file ? tnx

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rpm is a package type used by Red Hat/Fedora. It is possible to install rpm packages in Ubuntu but I don't recommend it as I had bad experiences doing that.

Firebird is already in the Ubuntu repository, you don't have to download it and install it by yourself. Just open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run:

sudo apt-get install firebird2.5-super
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First, install Alien. Alien is a utility that converts .rpm to .deb files.

sudo apt-get install alien dpkg-dev debhelper build-essential

Navigate to your downloads directory with the following command:

cd ~/Downloads

Run alien on your Firebird package:

sudo alien FirebirdSS-

Install the new deb file with dpkg

sudo dpkg -i FirebirdSS-

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Have you read this?

It doesn't look like you need the .rpm file, running:

sudo apt-get install firebird2.1-super from a terminal should install FireBird. The link I gave provides details on further configuration as well.

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