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This puzzles me: I'm trying to connect through Remmina Remote Desktop Client to a X11vnc is a remote desktop server.

Both computers are running Linux, are online through a standard home DSL connection and have no fancy firewalls running.

Settings in Remmina:

enter image description here

When I connect the server laptop to the same dsl box as the client it connects without a problem. If I try to connect over the internet - after adjusting the I.P. number I get "Unable to Connect to VNC Server".

How can I connect?


  • VNC client - Remmina on Ubuntu 12.10.

  • VNC server - x11vnc on Puppy Linux Wary

(see with

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Did you configure port forwarding on your router? If you didn't, when you try to connect over the internet, the router dosen't know where to send the connection request. – Scott Goodgame May 29 '13 at 5:35
@ScottGoodgame Oh no, I hoped this would be easier. So I have to physically go to the location where the "server" is and configure port forwarding on the router? (model: Alice DSL Modem WLAN 1421?) – somethis Jun 3 '13 at 13:54

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