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I recently changed a series of settings in ccsm, (the cube, wobbly windows, and a few animations). Somewhere in the process, the 'Workspace switcher'/'Expo' stopped working properly. Pressing super+S, or clicking the launcher icon zooms out as I expect, but windows on my workspaces quickly vanish. They are still there, and I can move them, just not see what I am doing.

The only unusual things about my setup are that I have two monitors, and am using kernel 3.2.0-34-generic (no newer kernels seem to work on my laptop, but Expo has been working fine.) Let me know if I should include any logs or config files, or clarify anything. Thanks in advance.

Edit - Additional info: When go into the switcher, the workspaces (viewports? - I am not sure of the terminology) with windows on them show up bright, whereas those without are slightly dimmed.

If I deactivate the cube effect, then the workspace swither does not even show the workspaces. It zooms out, and I can interact with it as though they were there, but there are no visuals to show what is happening until I exit the switcher and inspect what has happened.

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