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I have two 500 GB hard drives. I was wanting the first to be Windows 7 64 bit (already installed) and the second drive to be Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit. I am able to install Ubuntu 13.04 onto the second drive no problem and when it restarts after installation the windows boot loader fails to load into the 2nd ubuntu hard drive when it is selected. It states that the /NST/autoneogrub#.mbr is missing or corrupt, but it is there. Windows 7 still boots up fine. I have been using the following links to address this problem with no success.


How can I add an entry for Ubuntu to the Windows 7 boot menu?

As you can see from the second link, I am using EasyBCD to configure the Windows boot manager. I have used the system repair disc for Windows 7 thinking it got messed up with the Ubuntu install, but it is not the problem. It seems to be the "missing or corrupt /nst/autoneogrub#.mbr, but I have tried correcting the problem with EasyBCD and it doesn't seem to repair.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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