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I want to stop getting new music on CDs, and transition to a 'downloads only' regime. I am considering signing up to an Ubuntu One Music Streaming subscription, but I am aware that a lot of the CDs I have obtained in the past were gifts from my family. How would my family & others give me a music album from the Ubuntu One music store as a gift? Do they need to have an Ubuntu One account themselves?

Or, if it is not possible to give a specific music album, can they give some kind of credit / voucher / gift certificate?

N.B. This is different from the question of how to give the Ubuntu One Music Streaming subscription itself as a gift.

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The Ubuntu One music store does not currently have a gift/voucher system. Others would need to just give you a general pre-filled gift card, from VISA, Mastercard, or similar, that can be accepted by the store as a credit card, or send you money via Paypal.

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Thanks. Can I suggest (to whom it may concern) that this would make a good addition to the FAQ? Also, if there is a plan to introduce this feature, could we sign-up to be notified when it becomes available? – Peter Ford May 28 '13 at 15:21

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