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I have been using iGoogle for a long time, but it closes in November.

There are Ubuntu replacements for the various functions I use in iGoogle: gmail, weather, translate, calendar, gdocs, google search, etc in the form of web applications.

The question is: does Ubuntu provide any way I can assemble these functions into a single display as happens in iGoogle ?

Or with Ubuntu do I even need to? Is there a different way Ubuntu allows me to be aware of the information that these services offer through iGoogle. Does, or could, Ubuntu allow me to control the layout of these webapps so I can get a quick overview and quickly select the applications I am interested in?

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Looking around I found iGhome. Not sure if its really better alternative since I've never use iGoogle!

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That looks interesting, though I was thinking of something integrated with Ubuntu. – Bill Oldroyd May 28 '13 at 18:30

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