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I'm told to go to /home/jbander/Downloads, so how do I do that, I assume you do it in terminal but what do you do next, I can get to home but that is it.

How do I go from one directory or file or whatever they are, to another and once I'm there what do I do to see what is in the download file. One more question if I want to change it from e.g. cow to e.g. duck how would I do that(they are just arbitrary names)

How do I get rid of cow and how do I put duck in it's place.

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To change directory you use the command cd

e.g cd /home/jbander/Downloads

To list the directory use the commmand ls

If you want to change name on a file you use

mv oldFile newFile

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You can also go to a directory using a filemanager from your desktop environment. To go to the Downloads directory, select Places -> Downloads from the menu in the upper left of your screen.

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