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I want to build a web application for generating stylish PDF documents. The layout should be based on a design templates and the data should come dynamically from the database. Ideally I want to design the template in a "publishing like" tool with placeholders and replace these placeholders by the web application with the data from the database. Think of something like an invoice generator, where a customer could choose from different invoice templates and the invoice data itself coming from the DB. Thanks for your ideas!

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latex of course! see also this question:… – Gerhard Burger May 27 '13 at 11:08

I have used Java, Jasper Reports and iReport for a similar task. Hope that helps.

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I use perl (with HTML::Template) to generate an .ods document from database data, then I use unoconv to convert it to pdf. To be precise:

  • first, create an .ods document that looks good. Make sure the variable fields are recognizable.
  • unzip the .ods document and edit the file contents.xml.
  • in contents.xml, change all the variable fields to <TMPL_VAR> tags as per HTML::Template. This contents.xml file is going to be your template.
  • write a Perl program that reads the database, fills the TMPL_VAR fields, writes a new contents.xml file and re-zips the new contents.xml file into a new .ods document.
  • then use unoconv to convert the new document to pdf.

Easily extended to use more than one template.

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