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I'm looking for a way to change the language I give as input to the remote machine in an ssh session. All I want is an analog of the Alt+Shift shortcut, but for the remote machine. Specifically, the language I want to use is Greek. I don't want permanent change, I just want to be able to change it repeatedly whenever I want. I've installed the locale packages for Greek (el-...) but it seems changing the language of the local keyboard does not help with the remote machine's language. E.g. I switch to Greek on the local computer, and I write - touch [greek characters' filename] in the command line, but then the file appears as ???, so there's something wrong. I don't know if it makes any difference, but I connect to the remote (Ubuntu) machine through PuTTY in Windows OS, and that's where I mainly intend to do so.

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Generally this should work without a hitch - change the local input language, then the remote machine should receive the characters which a local machine would receive. It looks like the problem here is one of encoding or characters missing in the font; the file name, either when typed or when printed with ls or other commands, is displayed in an encoding/font which doesn't support the characters you've entered (hence the question marks). Check the encoding settings in PuTTY and verify that it's set to something compatible with Greek (UTF-8 should work).

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Thank you for your reply! Can you suggest a way to fix that? – Noob Doob May 27 '13 at 10:49
oh just show the edit.tnx! – Noob Doob May 27 '13 at 10:50

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