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I saw that you have a charm for CloudFoundry. Is someone writing a charm to install OpenShift Origin (Red Hat's PaaS) say on free versions of RHEL like Scientific Linux or CentOS? I am interested in learning Juju but my software of interest is OpenShift Origin. Thanks.

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I've talked this over with some OpenShift developers and here's the current state of this.

  • OpenShift requires the use of SE Linux, which is in Ubuntu but we're not sure if installing that from universe is sufficient enough to get OpenShift to work.
  • Someone would need to get OpenShift running and working on Ubuntu.
  • Someone would need to actually write the charm and test it in order to include it in the charm store.
  • Juju only deploys to Ubuntu currently, someone would need to enable it to spawn off SL or CentOS instances.

If you or anyone is interested on working on this check out the Juju mailing list.

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