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So, i can't seem to install ubuntu. I've downloaded 12.04 , burned the image on a dvd, runned it with windows and checked the "help in starting the system with a disk", dowloaded that and it said i have to reboot, so i did. It showed some numbers and words, saying it's starting the system. And a black screen shows up, with a white blinking dash in the top left corner, i waited for 30 minutes, to see if anything would happend, and it didn't. Please help me out :(

My pc specs: 4 gb of ram (DDR3) 2.5 GHz processor with dual core

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You can probably still login. Press the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + F2. At the prompt enter your user name and press Enter. At the prompt enter your password and press Enter. Type sudo lightdm. At the prompt enter your password. This should bring up the Ubuntu default login screen. Type your password and press Enter to login. Once you're logged in to your normal desktop environment, it will be easier for you to fix your boot problem permanently. –  karel May 26 '13 at 17:21
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