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I am having a problem with DVD playback on my Lubuntu 12.10 system. The discs will pay fine when they start, but after a few minutes and every few minutes thereafter, the playback will pause for a second or two and then resume. When it resumes it jumps ahead as if it had been playing continuously the whole time.

I have also been experiencing a second problem where certain discs will play to a certain point and then stop entirely. If I am using VLC the program quits completely, if I am using mplayer the playback just pauses indefinitely. If I try to play it again, it will do the same thing at the same spot. It is almost always in the last 25% of the movie.

If I try to play these discs on my other machine running Win 7, they play just fine. Also, this afternoon I tried to rip the disc to the computer with dvd::rip to see if I could watch it that way, but the program gave an error after a while saying it had only ripped YYYY of ZZZZ frames possibly due to "a problem with your transcode / libdvdread installation."

Any help or suggestions for troubleshooting would be appreciated.

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Do you have restricted extras installed? –  Mitch May 26 '13 at 10:19
Yes. And the three libdvd packages. –  CWeinhofer May 26 '13 at 10:57
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