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Upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 (AMD 64Bit). Have nvidia 8600GT video card.

Tried to upgrade to NVIDIA proprietary drivers but in each case system would display a black screen after login and would eventually crash (reboot).

Followed instructions here to roll back to nouveau driver.

Can now login but after a hour or so of use artefacts would start showing up on the display - Dash would show bits of other windows, icons scrambled. This gets gradually worse until the system is unusable, parts of display are displayed upside down. Have to reboot to clear, then have a few more hours of use before I have to reboot again.

Checked logs but no errors related to video.

At this point I'm wondering what my options are, is a reinstall likely to clear issue ? Anybody had a similar issue and been able to fix it?

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