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So I have been trying to set up a samba server to share media over my LAN. I am using Xubuntu on my server machine and attempting to view shared folders on windows 8. For simplicity I will only talk about my most recent attempt.

I followed the tutorial at http://grantlucas.com/posts/2009/12/setting-samba-file-share-server to the dot. I have done everything that this shows to do and I still cannot manage to get this working. I restarted my computer, the firewall is off, sharing is allowed on my windows 8 machine (I am able to see other things on my network such as my router and printers). The workgroup is the same as my windows 8 workgroup.

I DID recently fool around with my internet settings trying to get my Xubuntu machine to use a static IP address but have since restored all of those settings to automatic.

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